Amalfi Coast Splendor

Immerse yourself in the delights of this storied region.

We are proud to be partners with the incredible Villa Lighea just outside of Positano, Italy. The villa has 5 bedrooms each with its own bathroom and views of the sea. There’s a private pool, Jacuzzi, and the terraces have views of the town and dramatic coast. There is easy access to Capri, Ischia, and Sorrento.

Our supplement will include:

• Regional cooking in the privacy of your villa

• Casual demos featuring local food and wine

• Exclusive day excursions

• Insider guidance for restaurants and shopping

• Transfers to and from the Napoli airport

• Special gift bags

Visit the Villa Lighea website to see more and how to rent this fabulous property.

a unique travel experience!
Enjoy the flavors of a destination!
Make the food of the Mediterranean the hero of your next trip.

Hyper-fresh mozzarella still warm in its sea-salty brine

Artichokes so tender they’re best thinly sliced and eaten raw

Delicate fish and seafood baked to a turn with potatoes and a splash of wine

All adorned with supple olive oils, fresh aromatics, and robust seasonings

Finish with farmstead cheeses… sun-ripened fruit… simple desserts

Add a Mediterranean Summer® supplement to your:

• Small group cruise

• Villa or vacation rental

• Yacht charter


• Local food and wine

• Private dining and demos

• Artisanal and regional products

• Customized excursions

• Expert guide service

Hosted by Chef David Shalleck, author of acclaimed culinary travel memoir, Mediterranean Summer, this wonderful addition to your trip celebrates the sublime cooking, eating, and lifestyle of the Mediterranean. It’s the essence of la dolce vita that’s delicious, tasteful, and surely to be memorable.

Plan your trip today! To learn more about this exciting program, contact David here or at

For personalized service, group sizes are limited and prices vary.
The Mediterranean Summer® supplement is in addition to the costs, fees, and taxes for cruises, rentals, charters, and transportation to and from your destination. Cruises, home or villa rentals, and yacht charters are subject to the terms of the providers and their agents.

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