The journey starts on the French Riviera, continues down the western Italian coast to Amalfi, across the Tyrrenhian Sea to Sardinia, up to Corsica, and back to Saint-Tropez for the grand, season- ending regatta.

David Shalleck captures the glittery Riviera social scene, the distinctive sights and sounds of the unique ports along the way, the work hard/play hard life of being a crew member, and the challenges of producing world-class cuisine for the wealthy, stylish, and demanding owners and their guests. An intimate view of the most exclusive of worlds, Mediterranean Summer offers readers a new perspective on breathtaking places, a memorable portrait of old-world elegance and a life at sea, as well as recipes and tips on how to recreate the delectable food. It's the perfect summer getaway!

Map of The Voyage

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An alluring and evocative summer voyage on the Mediterranean Sea and into the enchanting coastal towns of France and Italy by the young chef aboard an Italian billionaire couple’s spectacular sailing yacht.

Praise for

Winner 2008 Cordon d'Or Culinary Academy Award

Culinary Literature/Memoir

Winner 2007 USA Book News Awards

Travel: Essay

"Just put a chef on a yacht on the Riviera and you have a 327-page book-sized vacation... an escapist story that comes with recipes and practically generates its own sea breeze." The New York Times

"Sailing the Mediterranean in summer is the stuff of dreams. And in the company of a chef who plies the bounteous markets and creates food for the gods, this is indeed a heady journey." Frances Mayes

"A picaresque tale filled with sage cooking advice, travel anecdotes, and a vibrant voice chronicling the world from a delicious new perspective... a joy to read for both style and content." Chef Mario Batali

“It was completely absorbing... while being transported to the wonderful lifestyle and coastline of the Mediterranean.” Chef Thomas Keller

"Fast-paced, fascinating, and well-written..." Chef Jacques Pépin

"The life of a chef in an adventurous way." Chef Cat Cora

"A diverting page turner..." David Lebovitz blog

"Engrossing." Bon Appétit magazine

"Once you've salivated over the food described in the book, you'll be rewarded by a nice collection of recipes."

"Food and travel porn at its most addictive..." San Francisco Examiner

"He tells his story and manages not only to survive, but to thrive…chastened but wiser— and as a true chef." Pittsburgh Tribune

"A clever summer adventure tale." Kirkus Reviews

"A funny, emotionally honest, galley's-eye tour... the book end's its wild voyage with recipes featuring only the freshest local ingredients. We're on board!" TuttieFoodie blog

"Mouthwatering recipes and insightful cooking tips are icing on this enormously entertaining cake." Ralph Lauren on-line magazine

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