A Mediterranean Pantry

Heroes and players
in the kitchen

Shop for quality because this is where great cookery starts... and finishes.

Seasonings & Condiments

Extra virgin olive oil

Pure olive oil

Sunflower or canola oil

Red wine vinegar

Balsamic vinegar

Sherry vinegar

Champagne vinegar

Anchovies in salt

Capers in salt

Chili flakes or peperoncini

Espelette chili powder

Spanish pimenton (dulce)

Dried porcini "A"

Dried Greek oregano

Turkish bay leaves

Herbes de Provence

Saffron threads

Cumin seeds

Fennel seeds

Whole nutmeg


Fine sea salt

Coarse sea salt

Black peppercorns

Mustard powder

Dijon mustard

Worcestershire sauce


Soy Sauce



Pitted Nicoise olives

Kalamata olives

Picholine olives

Tomato paste

Whole peeled tomatoes

Spanish piquillo peppers

Chick peas

Tuna in oil

Arborio and Bomba rice

Dried pastas

Cannellini beans

Borlotti beans

Gigande or Corona beans

Dried breadcrumbs



Golden raisins

Unsweetened chocolate

Flour, semolina


Powdered Sugar


Dry yeast

Savoyard cookies

Amaretti cookies

Dry white wine

Dairy and Cheese



Crème Fraiche

Unsalted butter


Parmigiano Reggiano

Aged Pecorino



Ricotta Salata

Fresh Aromatics


Dry chorizo


Yellow onions

Red onions









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Pasta Break

Fish in Crazy Water

From the region of Campania, a classic of Neapolitan cooking, and a testament to the idea of a Mediterranean Summer, this recipe is all about a great piece of fish cooked in a wonderfully simple way. Since the list is short, using quality ingredients is paramount.
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Pasta Break

Marinated Chickpea and Arugula Salad

This southern Italian insalatina is a great accompaniment to grilled fish, chicken, oil-cured tuna or as shown here, with prosciutto. With a change or addition of a seasoning or two, for example, Spanish pimenton or crushed cumin seeds, it can be paired with other Mediterranean dishes.
See the recipe

Pasta Break

Linguine with Clams and Zucchini

This wonderfully simple pasta dish is a celebration to clams. With zucchini, the marriage of flavor is sublime. The recipe calls for littlenecks, but look for what's best in the market: cherrystone, razor, cockles, or vongole. As with all shellfish, cooking time will vary depending on size.
See the recipe

Pasta Break

Tartine of Bonito Tuna and White Beans

All but two of the ingredients in this recipe are in a Mediterranean pantry, so a trip to the market for a ripe red tomato and a baguette make the tartine a quick and easy to prepare antipasto or snack. The cacophony of flavors and textures is very alluring and your guests will no doubt reach for more!
See the recipe

Pasta Break

These recipes and more can be found in the book Mediterranean Summer and are available at Volochef Private Dining.

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